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Are you dealing with a bill that you don’t have the cash or the credit to cover right now? This is all too common, especially considering the many people out there who barely make enough to cover their typical expenses every month. It’s never good to ignore the problem, as you could end up with credit score issues or late fees that cost you even more money. Amarillo title loans provide a quick, convenient option for a monetary boost in times of need, and the great thing about them is that you only need a car in your name to get one. Your credit won’t factor in to the equation at all when you apply.

Consumers appreciate how easy the process of applying for a title loan is, but here at Kimstead Title Cash, we set out to simplify it even further. That led to our online application for title loans in and near Amarillo, TX, which is available right here on this website and will only take seconds of your time. It only requires some basic information that you will most likely already know off the top of your head. The form will ask for the following:

  • Information on the vehicle that you will use as collateral for your Amarillo car title loan
  • Contact information for you

For vehicle information, we’ll need to get the year, the make, the model, the body style and the approximate mileage. For your contact information, we just need your full name, your cell phone number and your email address.

So, once you’ve submitted the form to us, we’re going to run your car’s info to preapprove your Amarillo title loan application and figure out how much it’s worth, which we use to calculate a free vehicle title loan estimate. We will also get a Kimstead Title Cash rep to get in touch with you in regards to your application, answering any questions you still have.

One question we get all the time is about what items are necessary to come get a title loan. It’s not like a bank loan, where you’ll need a variety of financial records. Fortunately, all we need to see is your car, your government-issued ID and your car title. The car is so that we can verify you have possession of it and to assess its condition. The ID is to check your age, and the car title is to keep until you’ve paid back your loan.

About Us

When it comes to financial concerns, time can be of the essence. That’s one reason title loans are so helpful, because they’re convenient, but that’s not the case when you look for car title loans in Amarillo, TX and end up with lender listings well outside the city of Amarillo. Then, you’re looking at a long drive that uses valuable time. Don’t stress about that when you go with Kimstead Title Cash, because we made sure to get a location in Amarillo, TX. You can get here with ease whether you prefer taking freeways or surface streets. Parking is also plentiful near our location.

A Kimstead Title Cash representative can get you through the process of obtaining your loan when you get here, and don’t forget to let them know if you submitted an online app and received preapproval on your vehicle title loan. There will be a bit of paperwork to fill out, and then a vehicle inspection. After we’ve determined the amount we can lend you, the last part of the process is obtaining your car title. We’ll keep this safe until you’ve paid back what you owe. The entire title loan process is usually done within the hour, and you leave our office with your loan money.

How It Works

Amarillo, TX title loans are one type of secured loan, meaning the loan has a piece of property as the collateral which secures it. The federal government has one main regulation on the title lending industry, requiring every borrower to be at least 18 years of age. Other than that, title loan laws are set up at the state level, which means title loans Amarillofall under Texas’ jurisdiction.

You don’t need to worry about title loan amount limits in Texas, because the state hasn’t set any. The amount you can borrow will depend 100-percent on what your car is worth and what the lender is willing to loan you based on that.

Texas has set a cap on interest rates for title loans, limiting those to 10 percent. One thing to keep in mind is that a title loan can have fees besides interest.

The most common term length for title loans is 30 days, and that’s true in quite a few states, with Texas being one of them. These are short-term loans, but if you don’t have the money to pay your loan off when it’s due, you also have the option of renewing it. This means that you pay whatever interest and fee charges your loan has. You get to take the unpaid loan principal into a new term with new interest and fee charges.

This obviously ends up costing you a bit more, but it’s convenient and it works out much better than defaulting on a title loan. That gives the lender the legal authority to send the repo man out to get your car. Then, the lender can sell your car. There is no law in Texas requiring the lender to wait a minimum period of time after you default on your title loan before repossessing

your car, which means the lender can do that immediately if you default on the Amarillo, TX car title loan. Repossession is rare, though, because of how easy it is to renew a title loan. However, Texas does have a 180-day limit on all title loans. If you extend your loan long enough that it hits the 180-day mark, then you’ll need to pay off whatever you have left on the loan without getting anymore extensions.